Capsule Dynamics


Version: pre-alpha V1.3.0
Genre: Simulation


pre-alpha V1.3.0
~ optimized code for better performance
~ optimized physics for better performance
~ added object pooling for plants
~ added ability to change speed of simulation
~ added ability to edit creature energy consumption values

pre-alpha V1.2.0
~ Remade variable editing system
~ new start simulation pagem
~ changed the look of the selected object menu
~ allowed for the editing of many new variables
~ changed plant despawning. Plants will now only despawn if there are more than 2600.
~ changed creature pathfinding. Creatures will now choose a position around themselves

pre-alpha V1.1.0
~ rewrote creature script
~ baby creature behavior updated
~ pregnancy behavior updated
~ new statistic: size. Max health increases with size.
~ creature's max health now decreases over time.
~ small UI tweeks
~ creatures now die when their health drops below 0 (pre-alpha V1.0.0.0001)
~ statistics dropdown menu button now works (pre-alpha V1.0.0.0002)

pre-alpha V1.0.0
~ initial release. incomplete prototype.

Identified Bugs:

Patched Bugs:

~ pre-alpa V1.0.0.0001 : creatures don't die when their health drops below 0.
~ pre-alpa V1.0.0.0002 : statistics dropdown menu button doesn't work.
~ pre-alpa V1.1.0.0003 : creature's age and child count do not reset when born.
~ pre-alpa V1.1.0.0004 : baby creatures are too powerful.
~ pre-alpa V1.1.0.0005 : target baby energy goes into the negatives. Babies can be spawned extremely tiny.
~ pre-alpha V1.1.0.0006 : creatures pathfind and plants spawn mostly in the center of the map.